.  Kids brush
.  Academic brush
.  Studio brush
.  Master brush
.  Economy set
.  Stencil brush
.  Spain brush
.  Paint brush
.  Calligraphy brush
.  Cosmetic brush
.  Sponge brush
.  Background brush
.  Canvas
.  Stretched canvas
.  Canvas Panel
.  Canvas Roll
.  Printed Canvas
.  Oil colour
.  Acrylic colour
.  Water colour
.  Gouache colour
*Art sets
*Ink stick
*Ink stone

  SHINGLONG ARTS & CRAFTS GROUP is an integrative corporation which deals with producing and project management,as well as trading.It originates from Yangzhou Shinglong Artist Brushes Co.,Ltd which has been majoring in artist brushes since 1981.Whilst the corporation has reached a hign skill level in artist materials,it also excels at dealing with export.Shinglong corporation covers an area of 36000 sq.meters and has 30000 sq.meters of floor space.There are more than 800 employees in the corporation. 

   As one of the leading artist materials manufacturers in China,the company specialize......

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